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Car rental with an additional driver

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Reasons for including an additional driver in a car rental agreement

There are not many car rentals where an extra driver is added. There are several reasons for this:

This is a long journey, in which it would be better to divide kilometers between several drivers. The primary driver may feel sick or get sick and it is always good to have someone else included in the contract as with a driver.

There are cases when a person who brings a credit card to be able to make a rent is not used to driving or does not want to do this, but his companion who drives a car does not have a credit card. Without a first card, a car cannot be reserved, and in almost all cases it must also be included as the main driver in the car rental agreement. Better than to be left without a car rental, it is to pay an extra fee for the driver and include your buddy as such.

How much does it cost to include an additional driver in a car rental agreement?

The cost of including an additional driver in a rental agreement varies depending on the rental company and the country in which you book the car. However, it can be said that prices range from 10 euros per day.

There are also companies that allow you to add multiple drivers, charging for each one of them or, in the most favorable cases, free of charge from the second additional driver.

The truth is that the inclusion of additional drivers can lead to a significant increase in the total rental amount, so this must be taken into account when booking a car.

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