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Car rental with child seat What you need to know?

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Safety Seats Worldwide

Since there are several customers who ask us about the general rules of the countries they are going to visit, we have compiled a general summary of rental cars with child seats all over the world to make it even easier to find all the information you need before you go.

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Rental of child seats is usually calculated per day, although there are car rental companies that set the price for the rental, to review the conditions that we have made for the country to provide conditions for each rental.

The earlier you book a seat, the better, as is done in accordance with the booking procedure, and in high season it is possible that you will be left without a seat if you leave the reservation at the last moment.

Remember that you can bring your own safety car seat and that most airlines allow you to carry a car seat as extra baggage and free of charge.

Do not forget to return the places in the same condition in which they were provided, as there are usually fines (can reach several hundred euros) if you return them in bad conditions or very dirty.

Safety seats in Europe

In Europe, there is a general rule prohibiting children under the age of 13 weighing less than 36 kg or less than 135 cm from sitting in the front seat of a car. In addition, we are forced to transport children who do not meet these two conditions in approved seats and rear seats, with the exception of two-seaters or if the rear seats are already occupied by other seats.

There are three types of prams that you can rent by car in the European Union without any particular differences between countries:

  • Child seat (Child Seat Infant): from 0 to 12 months and / or from 0 to 13 kg. They should always go in the rear seats and in the opposite direction (in most countries).
  • Baby seat (Baby baby seat or baby safety seat): 1 to 3 years old and / or 9 to 18 kg.
  • Children's child seats: from 4 to 12 years old and / or less than 135 cm and / or up to 36 kg.
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