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What if I love to rent?

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The most common terms of renting a car:

  • One day
  • 1 to 3 days.
  • From 5 days to a week.
  • One month
  • More than a month

The problem with renting a car for less than three days is that there are minimal fixed costs (for example, a fee for an airport or train station or refueling the fuel tank), so the less rental time, the price per day is higher.

But there are problems with long periods. Companies are trying to prohibit the same person from driving a car for more than a month, since the mileage accumulated in this car reduces the price of subsequent sale. This is due to the fact that car rental companies annually update their fleet and ensure that the accumulated mileage for each vehicle is below a certain number (agreed upon many times with their own brands that bought them), so as not to depreciate the cost of the car . For this reason, some companies do not allow rent for more than 28 days, and GoodProkat in Baku provides rent only for more than 60 days, if after 30 days you return to the point of issue and change the car to another

The growing trend of car rental between individuals is an interesting option in this case, because long-term rental is more affordable than the transition to traditional rental companies with all their requirements.

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