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Rent a car "One way" How to rent only one way?

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What are the types of one-way rent?

There are two types of car rental one way or one way:

  • Internal: used when the car is assembled and delivered to two different offices, but is located in the same country. One way home can be distinguished from each other depending on whether the car is returning in another city or returning to another office in the same city (for example, pick up at a train station and return to the airport. This last option usually has the lowest fare one way, some companies even allow it for free.
  • International: applies when a car is collected in one country and delivered to another. These trips are associated with large material and technical costs for the rental company, since they must return the car to their country of origin. For this reason, One Way international rates may exceed several hundred euros, and their cost is directly proportional to the distance between the collection office and the return point.

Why is there a one-way extra charge?

Various car rental companies, in most cases, have their own fleet, organized by offices. Therefore, when you rent a car in one office and deliver it in another, this vehicle will have to return to your original office in order not to unbalance the stock. The payment of this fee covers the cost of fuel and the costs associated with sending a company employee to pick up the car.

One Way in different countries is usually quite expensive, because, although the distance between many countries of the European Union is quite short, the fact that each country has its own laws and rules of insurance and traffic. This will make returning the car to the office from which it started, more expensive than usual. In this regard, the additional fee charged to the customer must cover transportation costs, extension of insurance and wear and tear due to use.

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